Home Automation: Amazon Is Leading, But Is Google On Pace To Compete?

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The Internet has changed we live in our homes. Yes, we are talking about smart home automation and IoT (Internet of things). Kicked off with the Bluetooth connectivity, smart home automation has garnered a significant attention for its wide range of innovative approaches and smart home solutions that make a person’s life much easier. And here we will see among Amazon or Google who’s winning in Smart Home Automation Technology?

There have been continuous improvements made to home automation category in the meanwhile, which radically changed the way users live in today’s world.

The Smart Home Automation: The Future is Now!

With the advanced technology and users adapting to the digital lifestyle, today we see the emerging needs for digitally connected home services.

Users want everything in their homes to be closely connected (smart home automation) and seamlessly manage them by sitting on their living room sofa! The applications of these connected devices are endless – we are talking about smart thermostats to auto food-dispensers for your pets.

In addition to the proliferation of newer home-based IoT applications, what is changing is how we operate these applications? We all love our mobile phones so much that we can’t imagine living a day without a mobile phone.

Not to mention, many sleep hugging their mobile phones! We live in a world where we need a mobile phone but are tired to hold it all day and operate our lives.

This created new opportunities for innovative voice-recognition services and devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, thermostat, smart TV, smart watches, and more. Amazon’s Echo is currently leading in this category but Google home needs to catch up to protect its core Search turf!

Amazon: Shopping to Smart Home Automation to Beyond

Amazon’s Echo, popularly also called as Alexa, the voice that talks to you from the device, does pretty much anything that you wish to see in your smart hub, right from playing music, weather forecast, stream Spotify, reading audio books, getting cooking recipes, creating shopping lists to using it to get practically anything else that you would turn to Google.

Amazon went beyond shopping, changing the home connectivity – a classic concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).

More Time with Amazon Means Lesser Time on Google!

Users now have started perceiving Amazon not just as an e-Commerce site or an IT Cloud service provider (AWS). Users are also embracing the way Amazon is changing the home connectivity concept through its revolutionized products – Echo, Dot, Tap and more.

In simple way to describe, Echo allows users to ask basic questions and provide answers but most importantly is capturing user’s’ time.

Does this mean that people would spend lesser time on Google? Or consumers just embrace any new technology that is introduced to the market in the beginning? The future will undeniably have all your questions answered.

For Now, Amazon Leading the Way!

Amazon was leading the path through many of its innovative products and intuitive upgrades to its smart speakers and voice assistants like Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Amazon Dot in home automation. A 2000-person survey shows how Amazon surpassed Google, the default search engine for shopping by capturing users’ attention.

Approximately 55% of the U.S. households now visit Amazon.com directly to shop or search for products rather than doing a search on Google.

However, there is Google Home that came into the picture. The Google Home is a voice-controlled smart home automation controller that does everything an Echo does.

With its artificial intelligence technology, it serves as a digital personal assistant and can be a better helper as the Home can carry out tasks based on users’ conversations.

This is not enough for Google to capture the entire home automation market based on the practical perspective of many users.

Unlike Echo, Google Home is not fully compatible with a number of connected devices that the Echo can. As per the survey, Amazon is leading the path but Google will get Amazon beat through its interactive features and through its greatest strength of being an undisputed leader in the search engine.

Bottom Line:

Google Home & Amazon Echo – they are more than just smart speakers! The interactive smart speakers’ and voice recognition revolution is here – a converging technology that allows users to get real-time information through voice commands, help get the tasks done instantly – avoiding smartphone users to connect and manage multiple devices via Bluetooth.

Overall, anything can be done through voice commands using these smart home automation devices, which is surely taking the smart home automation concept to the next level.

AthenaHome Automation: Amazon Is Leading, But Is Google On Pace To Compete?

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