4 ways on how to retain your star performer!

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LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster has significantly made their presence felt as more and more people are registering with them in pursuit of jobs. Backed by statistics, 122 million US members are registered with at least one of these sites which clearly explains their prominence. Other than the career sites Freelancer, Toptal and Upwork are prevailing and gaining regular popularity.

These platforms eventually make it easy for competitors to pick out the best performers from any company and make them their own.  Digital tools also add up value to the companies by recruiting passive candidates. For instance, TopCoder conducts regular online competitions which allow people to showcase their coding skills and give away prize money which attracts candidates from various spheres. If we go beyond hiring, the digital platform also helps companies to develop a pipeline of employees with diverse skills and the one who is the best fit for the company’s culture.

Today’s star performers are aware of their worth, and digital platforms have opened new avenues for them. It is no brain game that the fight is all about how to retain the empowered employees. Even if you get the right match for your company, keeping the same employee is a challenge but necessary. Also, to create an active learning and a healthy competitive environment, organizations need to consider a range of options for employees that simultaneously create an adaptable workforce and ensuring the employees over the long run.

Let’s try to look at the different approaches, which can provide your company attracts the right talent bee and retains the talent they need to progress forward.

Drive towards excellence

Rationale – Today’s employees are empowered and want to work for companies that encourage them to acquire more skills and abilities, consistently. According to a survey, employers that don’t offer opportunities or allow to build skills were six times more likely to lose employees within a year compared to than those who agree.

Benefits – 80% of employees prefer to work for leaders with an employee-oriented environment and proper digital strategy for their growth. This feeling is persistent among the employees irrespective of their experience, age, creed, gender or designation. Companies with the perfect business strategy in sync with digital strategy make them more successful in attracting and retaining talent.

Results – Strategies are an ongoing process, and the right business strategy supported by an apt digital strategy will add an extra edge over others. Driving employees and company towards excellence is challenging but in the long run.  It can be improved through targeted improvements in innovation, decision-making and by managing talent.


Rationale: In such a fast-paced work environment, professionals are always pushed to the wall and asked to perform on tight timelines. However, this won’t still work and requires constant learning that is flexible and on-demand. There are around 3.3 million web searches a month for online learning. However, these searches are just not limited to only learners, but also include motivated people among which 69% holds degrees and the age group ranges from 20 to 39 years of age.

Benefits: The above statistics suggest that most of the able individuals are willing to learn and accommodate knowledge as they want to grow up the ladder. As they go online, individuals can upskill at a pace that fits their schedule and the best part is it can be done on-demand. The on-demand learning module offers easy access to content as the use of mobile continues to surge.

Results: The flexibility of online classes, the growth of hybrid models, the ability to use smartphones and apps to conduct classwork have made online learning more appealing to everyone. Through various analytics, organizations can track the engagement of employees and understand what their interests, specialties, and formats.

Offer professional certification

Rationale: In today’s ever-changing digital landscape it’s easy to lose track. Every company take different approaches while hiring and seek employees that fit the requirement and also in with their company culture, strive for success.

Benefit: Company’s approach while trying out a candidate is predominantly demonstrated by their niche skills, knowledge, and LQ – learning quotient. Continuous learning efforts reflect on their desire to commit, learn, and grow. An extra boost of confidence would come from an external certification along with the line of their job role which pushes their career forward.

Results: Increasing the employee engagement investments by 10% can boost profit by $2,400 per employee, per year. By encouraging, and indeed investing in staff to undertake different courses that result in professional certification, a company can increase their productivity, profits. Constant development is the best way to harness the talent and ensure an employee is continually honing their abilities by being challenged by their role.

Increase employee’s job satisfaction

Rationale: The study carried out by the American Psychological Organization found out that though most of the workers were satisfied with their overall job, only half confirmed that they were pleased with the opportunities (49%) and employee recognition practices (47%) presented by their organizations.

Benefits:  Employees that feel valued by their employer engage more in their work and ultimately delivers. Employees who are continually challenged, incentivized, and achieve a new skill set not only perform better but also increases their value in the organization.

Results: Organizations with high levels of employee engagement reports that the productivity increases by 22%.  Job satisfaction and employee engagement is an add-on that boosts productivity and companies growth.

The above scenarios highlight the significance of innovation and the fundamental role that a little motivation and encouragement can play for retaining your star performer. To combat the growing, it is essential now more than ever for organizations to experiment with recruitment strategies, to educate and provide employees with the advanced skills needed to shape their future.

Athena4 ways on how to retain your star performer!

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