Web and Mobile Application Development

Your customers expect high-quality services and products with superior convenience. Develop applications that are not only innovative and scalable but also provide exceptional user experience and drive business value.

Software Quality Matters!

We help businesses harness the power of technology and develop incredible applications, services and maximizing their investment while focusing on software quality, to ensure the integrity and security of the system are not compromised. Our strong expertise in coding and focus on developing several robust applications provides our clients with reliable, methodical and cost-effective solutions.

Build Scalable Customer-Centric Applications

Attention To Critical Factors

Make a great first impression in the eyes of your potential customers through a perfect website and application developed for your business. Because web and mobile applications showcase your brand’s presence and contribute to business growth. From the user interface, coding integrity, navigation to functionality, it doesn’t end here, there comes a lot of factors to consider before developing a web and mobile application. At Antra, Inc., we pay attention to every detail.

Design for Scalability

Scalability is the term that most commonly referred to the future, investment, and progress. Our application architects consider scalability at all levels, right from the UI to product tuning and hardware tuning, where the main objective is to foster on adaptation to any changes or upgrades, and meet emerging market demands.

Modern Applications and Easy Integrations

Modern organizations need a powerful platform for integrating several existing APIs into their software. We help businesses to take a whole transition by developing software that integrates best-of-breed multiple applications in it. This solution also includes, but not limited to eCommerce integration, data integration and much more.

The Mobile Mindset

Because developing an application or service for both website and mobile is not simply a technology difference; it needs a complete different mindset and design skill sets. Our highly skilled designers and developers come with the mobile mindset attitude and consider all the inherent factors while designing and developing the web and mobile applications.

Look and Feel

Let’s talk about the user experience, i.e., the look and feel of your website or app. Because it’s what makes your web or application service either a hit or a miss! You can convey your message right when your web or app is as good as your interface. We will help you in developing a web or mobile application that offers intuitive and seamless user experience.

One Website, Many Devices!

With the astonishing growth of smartphones, tablets and various devices’ usage, it is important that you own a top-notch responsive website with utmost consideration given to every element right from color, typography, content to User Experience. We help businesses develop impressive websites and mobile applications, making them a game changer in their respective industries.

Superior ROI

Emerging business challenges need advanced technology solutions that are both scalable and adaptive. At Antra, Inc., we focus on delivering the detailed web and mobile application solutions that can bring Agility to your business processes, and offer a faster and greater ROI to your technology investments.

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