Maintaining work-life balance

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Worried about how to balance work and personal life? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

“Hey there,

When was the last time you indulged yourself in some or any of your passions outside of work?

What was the last book that you read? Or binge-watched a series?

Last but not the least. Are you able to balance your work life and personal interests?”

In today’s world, it is painstakingly difficult to balance out our professional and personal life. Evolution of technology, allows us to carry work to home which escalates stress eventually leading to decrease in productivity and creativity. Over time, stress leads to increase in blood pressure, sleepless nights which in turn leads to various ailments. Nowadays, even organizations are contemplating on the importance of work-life balance and educating their employees about it.

According to a recent Business Information Review publication, “The search for work-life balance is a process in which people seek to change things in accordance with changes in their own priorities, physical, psychological or both, and these can be triggered in their turn by factors such as age; changes in working conditions; the demands of new technology; and poor management.”

Work-life balance includes everything from self-management to time management. Employees who can balance between work and personal life tend to be more productive, take fewer leaves, and are more loyal to their companies. Here are few practical steps which would help you as an employee to maintain work-life balance:

While at work, this is how you can minimize stress

Set small goals for each day– Rely more on a “to-do” list, take care of the important ones first and then go forward with other tasks. Note it down to be more effective and organized.

Manage your time: Try to be efficient with your time at work. Allocate time for your tasks and try to finish it within the time limit.

Balance work with proper rest – Take some time off to eat some snacks, meditate, or walk around. Or close your eyes for five minutes to provide some rest to your eyes. It helps you to relax and come back to work with a fresh mind.

Stop being a perfectionist -It’s not possible to be perfect all the time.  You are human too and so are other people around you. So, boost your self-esteem and focus on your work.

And when at home, immerse yourself by following this:-

Unplug – Detach yourself from all your work-related ties and spend some quality time with your partner or family especially during the weekends.

Don’t over commit – Do things according to your schedule and take a breather.

Talk and share -Spending time with your friends and family enhances your support system and gives you strength to fight all odds.

Stay active – Make time in your schedule to go the gym or take a walk during lunch and have some fun! It is important for your body and mind.

Treat your body right –  Exercise, eat healthy food and get adequate sleep.

Take help if needed – It’s okay to seek professional help if stress and anxiety go overboard. A professional can help you to tackle the situation with much better insight and mind.

Do you have anything more in mind? Please let us know in the comments section below about how do you manage your work-life balance? We would love to hear from you.

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AthenaMaintaining work-life balance

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