Enabling Employees to Maintain Work-Life Balance

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Employees around the world are trying to achieve a proper work-life balance. Today’s employees want to have a better hold on their professional, and personal decisions. Companies can’t ignore the fact that maintaining a work-life balance has become increasingly important in today’s workplace.

Even few research articles support the real importance of work-life balance.

Work-life balance: is it then an impossible dream?

Honestly, no. There are innumerable ways for supporting a positive work/life balance to your employees; however, the key depends on options. A diverse staff with different needs demands for creative solutions. This arena is one where organizations can get creative to develop unique methods that can set them apart from the competition.

Here are few creative options which can help instill a sense of security, loyalty, and responsibility among your employees:

Restricting hours worked – Asking your employees not to work after they left the worksite shows that you care about their personal life.

Encourage ‘buffer time’/ breaks –  Productivity is qualitative. It’s not the number of hours people work that matters, it’s the value they produce during the hours they work. Buffer time enables employees to come back to work with proper focus and clarity.

Vacation time policies – Encouraging employees to take vacations proves your care for your employees as people.

Providing childcare benefits A child care facility within the work premises ensures a sense of security for working parents.

Foster creativity and physical fitness – Encouraging your employees’ to maintain a healthy and creative life are essential. Allowing them to pursue various projects, helps your organization in the long run. 

Encourage volunteer work – Conducting events which nurture compassion among your employees, reflects positively on your organization. 

Offering wellness plans   Providing healthcare and wellness plans boosts productivity and reduce the need to work extra hours for your employees.

Employers that encourage a better work-life balance and experience are most likely to have loyal, productive, motivated and engaged employees. While it may not be possible to follow all these suggestions, but then even taking care of a few of them will help employees see an employer’s concern for right work/life balance in the workplace.

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AthenaEnabling Employees to Maintain Work-Life Balance

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