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How is Big Data changing Health Care sector?

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Whenever you walk past your doctor’s door, you seldom want to be the victim of a wrong drug prescribed by the doctor. But it does happen and even in the best medical facilities around the world. The Healthcare sector is growing at a faster rate and the necessity to manage patient care and innovate medicines has also increased.

AthenaHow is Big Data changing Health Care sector?
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Cybersecurity in the time of IoT

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The magic of IoT Cybersecurity: “Alexa, turn off the light.”

A few years back, turning off lights on a command, was a far away dream. But now, with a wide range of home automation products, one can make their homes smarter and better. Each day newer devices emerge with better features and more sophistication, and they are progenies of the Internet of things (IoT).

AthenaCybersecurity in the time of IoT
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How are chatbots boosting small business

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Customer experience is a major factor which drives revenue and growth for any business. Hence for small businesses providing a great customer experience is a good retention strategy. Various technologies are gaining importance to increase interest in products and enhance the overall customer experience, Chatbots being one of them. Chatbots aren’t exactly a new phenomenon as it had been around in one form or another. The last couple of years have seen a significant rise in the application of the chatbot technology.Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Slack, Google, Apple, etc. are already making their mark with their AI chatbots.

AthenaHow are chatbots boosting small business
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Maintaining work-life balance

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Worried about how to balance work and personal life? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

“Hey there,

When was the last time you indulged yourself in some or any of your passions outside of work?

What was the last book that you read? Or binge-watched a series?

Last but not the least. Are you able to balance your work life and personal interests?”

AthenaMaintaining work-life balance
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Automated the Continuous Software Delivery Across All Multiple Applications

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Our Client is a financial institution that has several customers and internal automated software applications.

The software development teams have an existing platform and a framework to develop and build these automated applications and the operations team was responsible for the infrastructure and tools to release the applications.

With the comprising of various tools in the overall platform, the tools have made work easy in the field of developing, releasing, tracking issues and notifying, and in releasing governance notifications.

The client had automated the tests and used continuous integration tools (Jenkins) to automate the code integration and the build of the applications.

Challenges in Automated Apps

The key challenge for the team for these automated applications was that the release process of a single application was taking around 10 to 15 days and multiple application releases made the management of the releases complex.

The existing automation tools such as Jenkins helped Client accelerate some of the builds and the release process, however, the overall orchestration process took a significant time including the change in management issues, analysis and decision-making, issues in resolution approval process, and rapid deployment of the code onto N+1 environments.

In case of errors in the automated applications during the build process, rollback, issue resolution, approval, and redo, build were taking significant time

The creation of dependencies and the increase in wait time was done by the integration of all the applications.

It took 24 – 48 hours to get the tickets resolve after raising the deployment tickets. In addition, there were no feedback and notifications to all the stakeholders.

The resolution times sometimes took longer to analyze the issues during the build and make a decision to promote the build to a N+1 environment.

Solution and Outcomes

To ensure continuous delivery, all the tools(including the management change in the release and ticket) was integrated to optimize the DevOps model.

The reduction of wait time between promoting the build was made with the help of validation of programme.

To take care of multiple releases effectively and promote collaboration, the requirement of visual interface became easy-to-use for orchestration.

The solution involved analysis, design, and deployment of the tool along with the process changes enabling complex multiple deliveries and orchestration of end-to-end application lifecycle.

Outcomes include:

  • It cut down in building and the releasing time to less than a day from 10 to 15 days
  • Within 10 days or more than the deployments were set across multiple applications
  • Reduced wait time between build promotions
  • Reduced dependencies and improved team collaboration
  • Improved continuous delivery across multiple applications and environments
  • Improved end-to-end process

To know more about continuous delivery click here.

AthenaAutomated the Continuous Software Delivery Across All Multiple Applications
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Do we need adult education to keep us competitive?

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Developing competitive skills such as adult education at par with the industry is the key to a career growth and a prospect for better job opportunities. If you want to see more doors open for you, you might consider learning what is the next best thing in your field of work.

Suppose one work in a technical field, then learning new programming languages is most desirable. If one is inclined towards management or business analysis, then knowing more tools can augment one’s existing skill sets. I am a technology consultant, I recently completed a course on R Programming from Coursera and am planning to pursue a very interesting course on Machine Learning.

AthenaDo we need adult education to keep us competitive?
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