A World Of Only Electric Cars, Is It Going To Be A Real Game-Changer?

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At Antra, we get excited about technologies that drive innovation in making electric cars and we strive to enable the enterprises with tools and resources to support the innovation and shape further newer ideas. We always love to talk about the changes that these innovative companies bring in and get a flash of inspiration.

One of our clients who happen to work with an electric automaker recently initiated a conversation about a popular topic these days, how the automobile industry is being disrupted and how the electric and hybrid cars such as Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy, and Ford are changing the consumer world.

This conversation has inspired a transformation thought – “World with only electric cars” – triggering in detail on some obvious changes, pros, and cons of electric vehicles.

In this article, we are presenting some fundamental information gathered to discuss what changes we ought to see today and expect to see tomorrow. Read on.

United States Full of Electric Cars?

The USA which has around half million electric cars is now a ground for innovative researchers – that help people get rid of those gas guzzlers with the adoption of electric cars.

As per statistics on electric cars in the USA, the country burned 133 billion gallons of gas Meanwhile each gallon contains 8887 grams of CO2.

It has been also analyzed in the research that a shift to electric cars could reduce the CO2 emission to 6.4%. The study also proved that the low-cost electric cars could replace about 90% of current vehicles in U.S. – the vehicles that are powered by gasoline.

Switching to electric vehicles will pave a path in reducing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, i.e., Global Warming. This has encouraged the customers as well as manufacturers to look forward to more electric cars.

As a nation that has always been a center of attraction, U.S also has been taking steps to embrace this Eco-friendly technology.

No Emissions + Reduced Noise Pollution

Remember those evenings when you took a deep breath after a three-mile jogging and all you inhaled was the stinky gas from car exhaust? Electric cars can now promise a better jogging experience in U.S. because unlike the gasoline cars, the electric car has a back pipe of no smog.

Similarly, your date on a street side café won’t be interrupted anymore by a noisy combustion engine provided that horns are still loud. Thus, electric cars are becoming a better solution for both air pollution and sound pollution.

Electric Cars Beat Gasoline

Concerns about refilling the electricity were also discussed seriously in this process. Compared to the land requirement and safety measures, electric cars out stand gasoline vehicles by ensuring a better picture.

As a large underground tank or a safe piece of land is not mandatory for electric outlets, let’s hope for the day you can recharge your car on a parking lot or a restaurant.

Impact On Oil Demand

Taking the increase in popularity and production of electric cars, a certain shift will happen on the roads by 2020. Bloomberg article on how electric cars will cause oil crisis has reported that by early 2023, EVs could displace oil demand of two million barrels a day, the quantity equal to what triggered oil crisis in 2014.

Considering the cab companies spread around the world such as Uber and more, electric cars can be great advantages on a long run. Covering more distance on the road will apparently reflect on the economic viability of purchasing batteries.

Looking forward to this profit, we can assume that the cab companies will definitely make use of this and that will turn to be another blow to oil companies.

Is 2020 Going To Be The Decade Of The Electric Cars?

In the current global car market, plug-in cars contribute to one-tenth of 1% when compared to its gasoline counterpart. EVs are still a rarity on the streets as the effective cost of these vehicles is significantly more compared to its similar gasoline burners.

But, in the next few years, major car makers like Nissan, Tesla and Chevy are planning on selling electric cars in a massive range and a few other tech companies are considering to bring in newer models into the market.

Probably by 2020, these all-new cars will perform better and cost less than gasoline vehicles. Undoubtedly, electric cars are going to be cheaper, convenient, faster and safe in the coming years.

As recently BMW joined with Jaguar in boosting up electric cars as the Germany car maker has envisioned by 2025 it will launch 12 all-electric models and 13 hybrid versions. BMW has already launched i8 model as a sports electric car.

How Soon Smoky Gasoline Cars Can Be Wiped Out

In spite of the economic and ecological advantages of electric cars, governments, as well as manufacturers, have to ensure leverage so that we could approach a total shift in a short span.

Giving consideration to the Eco-friendly aspects, governments should provide incentives on electric cars so that a shift will be affordable for customers. This should be also reflected in the early stage of sale from manufacturer side as well by agreeing to low margin of profit.

Along with these, if our scientists could come up with low-price batteries, electric cars will definitely wipe out the smoky gasoline cars from our streets.

Well, this is not all. We would like to give you a view on what the world be like if there’s a “complete switch over to electric cars” in our upcoming post. Stay tuned.

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AthenaA World Of Only Electric Cars, Is It Going To Be A Real Game-Changer?

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