10. What are Key Resources to Learn About Agile and Scrum?

Here is a list of popular resources to learn more about various Agile and SCRUM methodologies.

SCRUM Alliance

This is one of the largest hubs for scrum resources offering a comprehensive range of articles, material and knowledgeable information on Scrum from its members. All the scrum enthusiasts who are looking to benchmark their knowledge and take a leap in their professional career, this is one of the best free resources to consider.

Agile Alliance

This is a non-profit organization that has global membership and is exclusively dedicated to discussing Agile learning and highlights. The community allows users to explore Agile principles, values, and practices to support building effective software solutions.

Agile or SCRUM Google Communities & User Groups

This is an extremely easy way to gain knowledge on SCRUM. The Google communities or user groups help initiate conversations with people who are excited to share their knowledge with others. Users can join a local Agile or SCRUM user group for free and experience a much faster pace of progress.

Agile and SCRUM Meetup

Meetup is an online social networking site that allows users from various localities around the world to explore and join offline group meetings related to their interest. This also includes Meetups on Agile and other technologies. Users can explore an array of group meetings, live stream of Meetups, Agile tools Meetup and Agile speaker series on this platform. This is the best free resource for Agile and SCRUM enthusiasts, thought leaders, evangelists, and everybody who wants to develop their understanding of Agile, SCRUM, Lean, and other methodologies.


This online site was founded by SCRUM co-creator Ken Schwaber to provide professional SCRUM trainings and assessments through their global community of individuals, teams and organizations. Here you can explore the basics of SCRUM, variety of useful articles on SCRUM and its framework plus, get a chance to meet the Scrum.org community of PSEs at a nearby event.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow was created in 2008 and is an excellent question-and-answer portal that serves as a good resource if you have gained theoretical knowledge of Agile but have queries in implementing it in real-time. Also, for those who would like to polish their Agile skills and get appreciated for it, this is the platform where you can browse the complete list of questions related to Agile or SCRUM, and answer those unanswered questions which you are confident about.


This is a free educational site that has quite useful articles, blogs, videos, guides, infographics and more about Scrum.

antra10. What are Key Resources to Learn About Agile and Scrum?